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  • 15 Dec 2010
  • Purna Sen
  • Pages: 168
Human Rights in the Commonwealth 2010 presents a survey of the state of human rights, as indicated by each country’s formal engagement with the main international standards and norms, across the fifty-four member countries of the association. For...
  • 15 Dec 2010
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 390
Small may be beautiful, but small island states have a big problem – the environmental consequences of climate change. Emanating from research at the University of Mauritius and with contributions from a wide range of experts, Saving Small Island...
  • 01 Nov 2010
  • Commonwealth Observer Group
  • Pages: 42
The Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group for the Rwanda Presidential elections. The Group was led by H E Dr Salim Ahmed Salim, former SecretaryGeneral of the Organisation of African Unity and also a former Prime Minister Tanzania, and comprised...
  • 01 Nov 2010
  • Patsy Lewis
  • Pages: 58
SOCIAL POLICIES IN SMALL STATES SERIESThe country case studies and thematic papers in this series examine social policy issues facing small states and the implications for economic development. They show how, despite their inherent vulnerability,...
  • 01 Nov 2010
  • Lino Briguglio, Constance Vigilance, Stephanie Vella, Gordan Cordina
  • Pages: 140
Profiling Vulnerability and Resilience: A Manual for Small States provides a tool for assessing both how prone a country is to external economic shocks – its vulnerability – as well as its ability to bounce back from those shocks – its resilience.The...
  • 01 Nov 2010
  • Philip Osei, Joan Nwasike
  • Pages: 68
This publication reviews the effects of the reforms implemented under the ‘new public management’ programme on the roles and conditions of service of permanent secretaries and directors in Botswana, Ghana, Uganda and Zambia. These countries...
  • 25 Oct 2010
  • Jane Jenson
  • Pages: 34
SOCIAL POLICIES IN SMALL STATES SERIESThe country case studies and thematic papers in this series examine social policy issues facing small states and their implications for economic development. They show how, despite their inherent vulnerability,...
  • 01 Oct 2010
  • Daniel Dumas
  • Pages: 38
Extractive industries have real potential to transform societies for the better. However, fulfilling this potential is neither assured nor automatic.The extraction of nonrenewable natural resources (notably oil, gas and minerals) has often led to...
  • 15 Sep 2010
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 200
Public–Private Partnerships Policy and Practice is a comprehensive reference guide on PPP theory and practice for senior policy-makers and other public sector officials in developing countries. The guide focuses on the key lessons learned – and...
  • 29 Jul 2010
  • Devi Sookun
  • Pages: 128
Vulture funds, funds that buy up the debt of sovereign countries at a discount in the hope of making significant profits, have caused considerable problems to a number of highly indebted countries. The Commonwealth Secretariat’s Legal Debt Clinic...
  • 01 Jul 2010
  • Isaac Njoroge
  • Pages: 80
At its best, strategic planning for an export strategy combines learning from the past, exploring the future and coping with unpredictability. This handbook explains how the Commonwealth Secretariat helps countries develop national export strategies...
  • 01 Jul 2010
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 200
This unique annual collection of key economic and statistical data on states with fewer than five million inhabitants is an essential reference for economists, planners and policy-makers. The Commonwealth’s definition of small states is those with a...
CEDAW – the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women – is a powerful international human rights instrument that reflects a global determination to achieve gender equality. Turning aspiration into reality presents...
  • 01 Jun 2010
  • Massimiliano Calì, Jane Kennan
  • Pages: 54
This is the first study to look at the trade effects on small states of the current global slowdown. Export industries in these countries have been affected at least as much as those of other developing countries. Given their reliance on trade, this...
  • 01 Apr 2010
  • Dirk Willem te Velde, Isabella Massa, Massimiliano Calì
  • Pages: 60
Small states are vulnerable to the effects of the global financial crisis because of their high dependence on foreign direct investment, the importance for them of export earnings, and high levels of remittances and aid flows. The crisis thus also in...
  • 01 Mar 2010
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 282
Through twenty regional and country case studies, Trading Stories pulls together the key links between trade, gender and economic development. Ten case studies focus on the gender impacts of trade policies, detailing differential consequences on men...
  • 01 Mar 2010
  • Chris Milner, Oliver Morrissey, Evious Zgovu
  • Pages: 140
It was hoped that trade preferences, offered to exports from developing countries by industrialised countries, would give greater economic benefits than has been the case. Now continuing multilateral tariff liberalisation threatens to further erode...
With a shortfall of 18 million teachers in the numbers required to meet the education Millennium Development Goals, research on the global teaching force becomes critical in informing planning and preparation for future learners.  Yet data about...
  • 01 Feb 2010
  • Emily Jones, Carolyn Deere-Birkbeck, Ngaire Woods
  • Pages: 120
Of enduring concern for small states are the numerous constraints they face in international trade negotiations. This study provides evidence that small states can still have an important influence over the outcomes of negotiations if they...
This report, commissioned by the Commonwealth Secretariat for the 17th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2009, explores progress towards achieving good quality basic education for all.Section A...
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