Commonwealth Trade Review 2015

Commonwealth Trade Review 2015

The Commonwealth in the Unfolding Global Trade Landscape: Prospects, Priorities, Perspectives You do not have access to this content

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Commonwealth Secretariat
18 May 2016
9781848599390 (PDF)

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Fundamental changes are taking place in the global trade landscape, and the Commonwealth, with its diverse membership, is adapting to and coming to terms with these changes. This shifting landscape offers tremendous potential for Commonwealth countries to expand their trade – both between members and their overall trade. Although it is not a trading bloc, member countries can also take advantage of and leverage the Commonwealth for greater gains, while focusing on several broader priorities to improve their trade performance.

Commonwealth countries offer insightful perspectives on topical issues that can contribute to promoting the role of trade in development. This Commonwealth Trade Review addresses these issues in four parts:

Part 1 – The Commonwealth in a changing global trade landscape
Part 2 – Intra-Commonwealth trade: emerging dynamics and opportunities
Part 3 – Unleashing the trade potential: priorities for the Commonwealth
Part 4 – Perspectives on topical issues in trade

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  • Foreword and acknowledgements

    Trade is the lifeblood of the Commonwealth, serving as it does as a major contributor to output, growth, employment and livelihoods for all of our 53 member countries. This centrality is reflected regularly by the Commonwealth Heads of Government, most recently in the 2013 Kotte Statement on International Trade and Investment.

  • The Commonwealth in a Changing Global Trade Landscape

    The global trade landscape is changing rapidly. Deeply scarred by the financial crisis of 2008, the world has seen the economic recovery marked by a weakening trade–growth nexus.

  • Intra-Commonwealth Trade: Emerging Dynamics and Opportunities

    The Commonwealth is not a trading bloc. Yet trade between members is rising strongly, and is projected to surpass US$1 trillion by 2020. This trade is also of growing importance to Commonwealth members, as the share of intra-Commonwealth trade in their total trade continues to rise.

  • Unleashing the Trade Potential: Priorities for the Commonwealth

    There exists tremendous potential for the expansion of trade of Commonwealth states – both between members and their overall trade.

  • Perspectives on Topical Issues in Trade

    Commonwealth countries proactively engage with the global community on trade and related development issues. They participate in various regional and multilateral negotiations with a view to securing their enhanced participation in regional and global trade.

  • Summary and Conclusions

    Fundamental changes are taking place in the global trade landscape. In the process, significant transformations are underway in relation to the sources of growth of world trade, its direction of flows and patterns and, in turn, individual countries’ comparative and competitive advantages. These changes are being driven mainly by such factors as the rapidly growing trade of developing countries; growing trade interconnectedness through global value chain (GVC)-led fragmentation of production processes; proliferation of regional trading arrangements (RTAs); lack of dynamism in multilateral trade negotiations; and the impending need for actions to combat climate change.

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